I work in a business that hires a lot of seasonal temp workers the proverbial bottom of the barrel the ones who will only venture out to work when they need money and only if they can see the end in site so working in a seasonal job gives them some holliday spending loot and let’s then get back to the couch in mom’s basement quick. To be fair that is not all the workers bit college aged and young adults mostly fall into this category.  The first observation someone might take is that they are just lazy but after working with these people I have realized it is not laziness it is cultivated stupidity. So I am talking to a college grad who needs to perform some menial task under supervision and with instruction and live support, we are talking plug in the cable, press the power button type stuff.  What is being taught in university today? I have yet to figure out what it is I know what is not taught, and it is not only college that has bailed on these kids it is their parents, their community, their education system from end to end. So here are some things that are not taught, and are actually discouraged throughout young adults education.

  • Social skills (One does not take a phone call in the middle of a face to face conversation)

  • Situational Awareness (One stairs at their phone while driving and walking making them an accident waiting to kill others or a ready made mugging, murder or rape victim)

  • Social skills of any type.

  • History  

  • Current events (Not the media propaganda not celebrity twitter feeds)

  • Sociology

  • Manners

  • English (Speak the language with some mastery or with honest effort, this is for native English speakers)

  • The concept of absolutes (There is right and wrong there are binary choices as a matter of fact most decisions are binary or yes no the works is not a bubble of Maybee and I Don't know)

  • That they are not the center of the universe (Your ass is not that important and has little value to me or the world if you want to be more valued provide value)


If this is a partial list of things they have not been exposed to or have an working knowledge of. To most people this means that we as a country have bread and raised a generation of our citizens that have not worth outside of consuming resources and making carbon dioxide. The overall goal of the current indoctrination system (it is not an education system so I call it what it is) is not to make viable humans it is to make vote slaves.  Our indoctrination system has turned out a pile of liberal globalist drones who have been messed with and lied to all their lives from their actions it is easy to see that they understand enough to know something is wrong but lack the skills to understand the real problem or how to get their lives back thuis vote slaves they will vote for whoever promises them stuff because they do not have the skills to support theirselves. This is the American under the age of fifty.