Is the digital equivalent to “Get the fuck off my lawn” the cry of the curmudgeon

lost in time. Still as far as computing goes,  it is sound and great advise.

The rise of the device has changed both computing and the Internet and not for

the good. These negative repercussions have ran through society just like

two pounds of cantaloupe through a toddler (a way to piss your sister off 1

nefew and a cantaloupe) The Internet despite all its promise had become a

media delivery platform and because of the great demand product quality has

fallen. Under most models this would cause demand to drop until quality

increases, on the Internet this model is broken. The final part of this spiral to shit

is that there is a large amount of the population that actually likes this shit.

Pull your pants up under your armpits, slap on a new bead of Super Poligrip and


Today’s rant social media. The largest actual change in society brought on by

social media for a majority of people is the increased risk of automobile and

walking accidents. Yes it is a tool whose scope and potential are unlike anything

ever to hit our culture. The power for unfiltered news and opinion delivered

live as the event unfolds has turned to be the rare exception and not the rule. Who

is to blame?  

We are to blame.

Just because there's some level of real or perceived anonymity online many of

us turn into vicious vile trolls. If we do not become trolls we either spew piles of

stale jokes and cute cat gifs or spend all our time re whatevering everything we

agree with or that was posted by someone we like or admire.

The Social Media site is to blame.

All entries have a political agenda or slant, However currently the largest social

media site has taken a qute decided leftist globalist bent and has actively

censored and banned users who express different views while letting those t

hat agree with their founder become rude hateful little trolls.  Managing a site

and user base the size of the popular social media sites do is difficult, you are

going to PO someone and someone will always be complaining  and mad.

The real test is if your management is fair and as non intrusive as possible.


Currently social media closely follows one of the oldest computing rulls .