The first few editions of this site were Linux centric with lots of information and tips I will more than likely go down that rabbit hole again at some time however for now I will try not to totally Linux out.

First I must admit I am not a Linux snob I want to be but I am not I still use Windows nearly daily and I use OSX every day. The Linux Snob uses only Linux I could almost do it OK if I were not as lazy and got World of Tanks running with a good frame rate. I have did it before however something updates and then you are back at trying to get a decent frame rate. The Mac use is work related and in a mac shop you use Mac.

A computer is like air conditioning - it becomes useless when you open Windows

  • Linus Torvalds

So what is wrong with Windows? To tell the truth not that much is wrong with Windows 10 and 7 the rest of the windows family is either EOLed or a terrible mess Windows 8 is dam near unusable until you kill off the “Metro” interface and add back the features and function previously available in earlier additions Christ sake the first time most people used it a majority of users couldn’t turn off their computers. Microsoft’s continuing to change the basic GUI of their operating systems and other applications is frustrating sensible menus give way ro ribbons, a familiar desktop environment to a tiled Metro environment that changed your desktop into a windows phone. And phone is something Microsoft has a bad track record with. Microsoft just seems to have a disconnect with their users. Now they serve ads in Windows not a web browser this is a OS and it serves ads.  The real issue with Microsoft is their need to monetize everything without regards to the effect that this will have on user experience and usability.

If one must run Windows here is the only way to make it bearable:

Operating System: Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10 Pro If you do not have one of these two and you have to run Windows get one.

User account setup:

Admin: Create an admin account do not use a Microsoft ID on this or any other windows user account.

User: This Is a standard account without privileges to install software or make any real changes to the computer’s settings or software. This will be your user account.

Turn off everything you can except for updates (set to download and prompt for install) and turn on AV updated I use security Essentials Microsoft free product. Th3 whole AV thing on windows leaves me feeling funny many are a huge drain in systems, several have the specter of Russian intelligence hanging over them. All this makes one think that you want to go with a product created by a stable even keeled person like John McAfee.