Glock is currently the best selling handgun line, it’s popularity is based on a lots of things most having little to do with the actual properties or features of the gun. Glock produced the first commercially successful polymer framed handgun, The Glock is a polymer framed striker fired handgun with a high capacity Magazine and is devoid of any true safety. The Glock has made its fame on going bang every time and price.

There is a common misconception that Glock is the first and best in the polamer handgun market Both are far from true. Walther was the first out with A polamer frame and Springfield, CZ, H&K amd Ruger all make polymer framed handguns that outpace the Glock in design and build quality most of the competitors feature some form of safety. I am not meaning to bash Glocks but as consumer firearms they are extremely bashable.


I am not going to defend the obvious I will just state the arguments. The Glock is perfectly safe to carry and use in the hands of an experienced and trained individual as long as the operator follows good trigger discipline at all times (Keep your finger off the trigger at all times except when firing) This is critical during any holstering or unholstering operations. The Serpa style retention holster is an absolute must if you are going to do anything with a Glock outside of the original manufacturer box. Unpack it load it and put it in a Serpa never to remove it until it needs to go bang. Actually this is how all carry guns need to be treated. The fire controle on Glocks makes them dangerous as hell if you have any lapse in your safe handling and use this is not a gun for someone who goes to the range a couple times a year this gun is for people who maintain a riggorious and structured training program.


The lack of safety features may be attributable to the fact that people tend to not use them or to even disable them, like the pinned down 1911 grip safety that was all the rage in “Combat guns” in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. The thought was that the trigger blade would be sufficient and it is for a well trained shooter that never makes a mistake or has a distraction, and that the system does not lend itself to easy circumvention or tampering both extremely good points, however the lack of a true safety dose make the Glock a dangerous choice for the non professional.