So I have pretty much carried my my Colt 1911 Series 70 from the day it came out of a brown wood grain cardboard box, wish i still had the box. Four seir jobs and one barrel later the once blue handgun is losing its second parkerizing and is in need of a little TLC on the cosmetic side. It has kept the same configuration for the last 25 years, extended slide release skeletonized Cylinder & Slide hammer and GI safety and grip safety. Now I am looking for a change, well more an addition to my carry guns.

My Colt 1911 Series 70

Size is not that important I concealed and open carry with full size handguns and I like the larger gun and I am not making trade offs for weight and size. This is a blessing of being a larger person I understand that a five foot flat ninety-eight pound person would have a lot harder time making a 1911 disappear. Currently I only have 45ACP centerfire handguns I am now looking at a 9mm.

   I am looking for metal framed exposed hammer high capacity silencer ready 9mm handgun. The XD is nice but I do want a hammer gun and a metal frame I do own a couple polymer framed striker fired and like them especially the XDs though I have real issues shooting anything Glock because of the grip and it's not fitting ma  or giving me a shootable grip on any Glock frame size. So now it is time to anger everyone justa a nit in discussing how I came to my conclusion on what my next handgun will be.



With the criteria of being a full size handgun in 9mm with a metal frame, high capacity mag and suppressor ready I have choices from every major manufacture and having shot only about half my choices a lot of my decision making process came down to personal views and preferences.  Here are some of the guns and manufactures I eliminated.

Taurus: Taurus has spent a fortune updating their equipment and process their manufacturing capacity is first rate their designs are innovative and on par with the industry leaders and all of this a t a good price point. So it is Taurus all the way? Hold on Taurus is like the man who keeps on forgetting to wear pants every day years they should be a industry leader in design, quality and price, however they have a monumental quality control and consistency issue I have shot their guns and had a wonderful experience a fine gun shoots great then I have known of guns that never make it to the range because they are always going back to the manufacture for something or the other. So Taurus is out.

S&W: Oh how the mighty have fallen. S&W autos have always not really appealed to me and that is my fault I know that they are nice firearms with a good feature set. Their finish is a verry much mid grade finish with some machine work visible on the exterior of the handgun and lots of little things left on the inside. Yes cleaning up your machining gives nothing to little function but if you did not have the pride or the time to do this right what else did you skip over. There is also the fact that no one really shoots them they are still a player in the Law Enforcement market where they have a near IBM status of “No one ever got fired for buying a Snith” can be uttered in a lot of law enforcement agencies. Smith And Wesson came up short on features.

Springfield Armory: I really like their line however they do not offer what I am looking for.

Kimber: My granny said if you can’t say anything nice then shut up.

Baretta: This was close I like the 90 family of handguns and it was a close call realy the closest and in the end the Beretta los out mostly because of my personal opinion of CZ was higher than that of Beretta.

Colt: They have a great need to get their act together they are now as near a one horse stable as you can bee with more than 4 legs visible under the stall door.

The Winner
CZ 75 B Ω Urban Grey Suppressor-Ready (Omega)
CZ: The winner. This will be the second CZ 75 in the house years ago my father had one, one of the first ones I had ever seen. The impression made by that gun were long lasting it was in the house at the same time as a highpower, a Custom Shop Commander in 9mm and a H&K squeeze cock and it was a better weapon than all of the other nines. Over the last 30 years I have shot a lot of other czs and never had a bad experience. Over this time the guns just keep getting better as they refine the design and make ergonomic changes. THe CZ 75 in my opinion is the preeminent design in the metal frame hammer fired full sized handgun field. Yes I do know about the Sigs and more on that when we talk about my next 45APC.