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A couple of friends talk about everything that might be of interest to the modern geek. From video games to TV shows to science and the wonders of Korean skincare. We also like to drink while we do this, it’s a bit like friends in a pub – except that our pub is the Internet. Swearing is guaranteed, relevance isn’t.

Geek News RadioGeek News Radio is first and foremost a show that’s fun to record. We talk about anything we are currently geeking out about in a relaxed and friendly manner. Except when we are ranting. Despite the name — yes, it’s an obvious Fallout reference — this is less of a news show and rather has the feel of a few friends shooting the shit over a beer in the pub. We try to rotate hosts as much as possible to keep a good mix of topics, but realistically it comes down to who is available to do a show at any given point in time. We don’t keep a strict schedule, but aim to release at least two shows a month. The regular hosts are:

Fabian A. Scherschel (@fabsh), a tech journalist from Hamburg who founded Sixgun Productions back in the day.

David M. Nicholas (@MegaSlippers), a coder who lives in Birmingham and likes cocktails and fancy GIFs. He joined Fab way back when for a 40K podcast.

Mike Mullan-Jensen (@MstevnsMJ), an auditor of quality and 40K lore nerd from Skerries. We picked him up at a Warhammer convention.

Charlene Putney (@alphachar), a professional writer, lecturer, language mastermind and yoga queen from Dublin. Char has always been there.
And contributors to the show also include Nick Farmer (@Nfarmerlinguist), Joseph Ward (@iosefward), Emma Haley (@Yuecake) and Dave Hingley.

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Episode List

New media, new rules
  1. We're done for the year. See you in 2018 for more bants and top notch podcasting content. Enjoy yourself over the holiday break!
  2. Before we disappear into the holidays, we deliver a massive episode with the best of what GNR has to offer: A hilarious Mozilla fuckup, a Star Citizen rant, a Star Wars review, our Games of the Year and some video game Warhammer.
  3. Sixgun Productions has a new logo, the GNR Discord server has a new name and we have new custom emoji to play around with. Hooray!
  4. Fab and Dave celebrate GNR's second birthday, bring you the relevant geek news and talk Warhammer 40K and Elite Dangerous.
  5. Three quarters of the Vier Feldherren unite once again to bring you Warhammer news and some 40K painting progress. And lack thereof, of course. We also talk about an Apple fail and live music.
  6. February 2014 to September 2015 was maybe the best time I've had with board games. I'd picked up the Netrunner core set in July 2013 but bounced off it. My pals and I just couldn't grasp the rules like we did with Magic. Over Christmas 2013 I finally grokked it and as a house we got into Netrunner big time.
  7. I'm going on a six-months-long exploratory journey into the farthest reaches of the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Expect some video content of this to appear on the YouToube channel soon. And wish me luck.
  8. Geek News Radio is now two years old. We have an anniversary show coming up soon. In the meantime, Fab looks back at the last two years and speculates about what is ahead for the show.
  9. Everything old is new again. After half a decade, we're starting the blog back up again. Because why not?
  10. This time on Geek News Radio: Linus Torvalds calls people "fucking morons", Dave reviews the Google Pixel 2 and Fab plays XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.