It isn’t reading between the lines when they don’t bother to hide it.

Once again and always wrong

As the left races out to their new treason du jour  most can only question where and what the cut off in the liberal mind is . Mr Moore here is trying to identify with muslims who he feels are being discriminated against and treated poorly. This is not by happenstance a speciality of Mr. Moore, who his self has caused untold strife and damage over his career of spreading falsehoods in his films. No Mr. Moore we are not all muslim.

We are not muslims we are , well quite frankly better. Our societies’  values all the things that islam hides from like freedom. freedom of expression, speech, assembly and religion are not tolerated in islam. We as a society on a whole respect others and protect those of us that are weaker or different, unlike islam. Michael because you are always wrong in our judgements and assertions there may be a possibility that you have islamic tendencies because islam is also wrong on all points. so now with out further ado if Michael wants to proclaim we or he is muslim let us take the time to break it down what it is he is claiming.

Islam has a consistant track record on gay rights
Islam has a consistent track record on gay rights
Islam allows rape of women and childern
Islam allows rape of women and children
Yes treated worse than the livestock on evil corporate farms
Yes treated worse than the livestock on evil corporate farms

So this is just some of what Mr. Moore wants you to know that he supports go ahead have some fun and help Michael tell us what he really supports please write Michael’s true feelings on his sign.


The worst website ever

So on all the Web  there are a lot of bad, nasty, and dishonest websites out there and my worst of the Web is really none of these. I have selected my worst of the Web for the site’s  uselessness, time wasting and disruption of our lifes. The winner is  everything  it does  is available elsewhere and done better, frequent and seemingly haphazard  policy changes, privacy issues that never seem to end and the enormous drone of stuff coming out of Facebook  has sent me running. I have tried Facebook  actually  three times the longest I could hang was two months. Facebook  is best described   as a website  that’s  purpose  is to remind us all in great detail  why we let those people  slip from our  lives.
It really isn’t that it is a bad site and service it is a giant suck.  
Every genaration has some weird obsession that has great negative effect on society, ours is the over use and miss use of social media. Facebook is nearly perfect in it’s uselessness. There is too much info Matin on the platform and nearly none of it has any real value or worth. As if the world has found a digital bin for everything we personally don’t want but feel someone will. There is a tremendous opertunity to build community or to champion a cause,  however Facebook  still has a low credibility compared to convent al information sources. Where Twitter is becoming the place for live breaking news and information, Facebook is still choked with the mindless drool liking a photo of a kite hanging from a branch, a site that has gravitated  to the lowest common denominator.
Most users feel a need to chech the site and report little true enjoyment derived from it’s use.

Free & the Internet

Free stuff and the Internet is a much maligned combination. There is a ton of stuff that is “free” online a lot of it is not really free and much of the stuff that is actually  free  is worth less than you are paying. Still it is easy to find several free products and services that are worth paying real money for, and they are free.
The Googleverse  you know all the gmail, Google Drive, Google voice . ………. There services are good in Tigre tin is excellent  and you can leverage services and products that are truly game changing as a business (through paid for business use). Collaborative business  class  tools available on the desktop and mobile regardless of platform. Many cite security and privacy issues I will visit this topic in length later. Today the short of my rating of Google in security and privacy is B+.
Linux, still the most reliable  and secure operating system  available  for desktop  computing.
Libre Office, A great productivity  suite,  capable of reading and writing MS Office file formats and direct .pdf   export Libre Office  is a viable replacement for MS Office.
Open Source software as a whole. Many pics in this list are open source.
Chrome and Firefox   browsers  both are light years ahead if the Microsoft offerings. Cromer also has useful Googleverse inauguration tools, that make the Googleverse  a much more productive place..
World of Tanks, unlike other “freeiun” games is actually playable and fun without  forking over cash.
OK a lot of the biggies  are not on my list some will be covered later. For now go out and s pledge on some great free software and services. Any questions or comments, well use the comments below.     WB0iEUi8fPgU