Free & the Internet

Free stuff and the Internet is a much maligned combination. There is a ton of stuff that is “free” online a lot of it is not really free and much of the stuff that is actually  free  is worth less than you are paying. Still it is easy to find several free products and services that are worth paying real money for, and they are free.
The Googleverse  you know all the gmail, Google Drive, Google voice . ………. There services are good in Tigre tin is excellent  and you can leverage services and products that are truly game changing as a business (through paid for business use). Collaborative business  class  tools available on the desktop and mobile regardless of platform. Many cite security and privacy issues I will visit this topic in length later. Today the short of my rating of Google in security and privacy is B+.
Linux, still the most reliable  and secure operating system  available  for desktop  computing.
Libre Office, A great productivity  suite,  capable of reading and writing MS Office file formats and direct .pdf   export Libre Office  is a viable replacement for MS Office.
Open Source software as a whole. Many pics in this list are open source.
Chrome and Firefox   browsers  both are light years ahead if the Microsoft offerings. Cromer also has useful Googleverse inauguration tools, that make the Googleverse  a much more productive place..
World of Tanks, unlike other “freeiun” games is actually playable and fun without  forking over cash.
OK a lot of the biggies  are not on my list some will be covered later. For now go out and s pledge on some great free software and services. Any questions or comments, well use the comments below.     WB0iEUi8fPgU